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Here's what University of New Haven students are saying about creating Welcome Project content:

The stories I made were about people who are at peace with who they are. They faced trials and tribulations and overcame struggles, but are now in better places and at peace, if only for the moment.

The expression of diversity, social justice, and belonging is what will propel our society into a better age where everyone is accepted and treated as a human being rather than whatever label has previously been placed on them.

Listening to stories of others, I have realized that all of us have experienced life challenges in many ways that are not always uncomplicated. It is so important to understand and learn to accept our differences for all of us that struggle, no matter who you are.

The Welcome Project allows media like these to be made, where people facing hardships can express their struggles. People can watch the videos, read the stories, and listen to the discussions and feel better about themselves. They can feel more welcome in society, knowing that they aren’t alone when they face their hardships.

Everyone has a story, but regardless of whether or not we know that story should not determine how that person is treated.

Typically, we all see the world through our own eyes but it is important to step out of a single-minded head space and catch a glimpse of how other people live.

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