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My Whole Life I’ve Just Been Afraid Of Failure


“If I could tell my high school self like you’re going to make it, think big, there is a future for you I would.”

Producer: Alex Severo

Where I Am Now


Little words can go a long way.




Producer: Diana Perez

A Fairytale Gone Wrong


“A relationship shouldn’t be a battlefield.It should have been a safe haven.”



Producer: Kaylee Gross

Religion and Faith


Dalmarys’ experiences with Christianity before and after college have made her more aware of her identity.



Producer: Shauna Etheredge

Support In Man's Best Friend


People who have served in the armed forces sometimes come back with physical or mental wounds, how can society address these issues

Producer: Jenna Sullivan

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover


Dylan is a Latino person that does not appear Latino. He discusses his upbringing and life as a Latino person who isn’t always labeled as Latino.

Producer: Seth Harrington

First Generation College Student


The pressures and accomplishments of being a first generation college student to an immigrant family.



Producer: Sofia Martinez

Different Cultures of Latin American


How a Dominican American view his culture and how he really thinks being both Dominican and American at the same time

Producer: Wendy Zheng

Comfort Outside of Culture


One foreign student's factors in deciding on which college to attend. 



Producer: Sydney Field

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